EPIC MArtial Arts & Fitness

EPiC Martial Arts & Fitness is the South West's most specialised fitness and martial arts network. With two full-time facilities and 5 satellite martial arts clubs, the offering is huge. Founded in 2014, EPiC Martial Arts & Fitness was the first part of the EPiC network, that today has grown to offer you so much more.

With a wealth of knowledge between their team of 30+ coaches, EPiC Martial Arts & Fitness (EPiC MAF) have helped thousands of people improve their fitness, lose weight, get strong, win personal battles and in the meantime have built a team of world class martial arts champions.

EPiC Online is a virtual platform that is a part of the EPiC network, where your options to reach your goals are not limited to your geographic location, available equipment and current knowledge in fitness or martial arts training. EPiC MAF offer state of the art facilities that you could execute your training programmes that we provide you.