MEet the Coaches

Andy Cleeves

Founder of EPiC

Andy is the director of the EPiC Network, an ex world kickboxing champion and the driving force behind all things EPiC. Andy has coached all of the other EPiC coaches from students to coaches and beyond.

Pearce Cruse

Head Coach of Online Training

Pearce is the brainchild behind EPiC Online and is the head of operations for it. Pearce is a personal trainer and presenter of the videos for EPiC Online. After starting off as a Kung Fu student, Pearce transferred to the world of fitness and conditioning.

Rakan Sabbah

Head Coach of Strength & Conditioning

Rakan is the head coach of strength & conditioning across the EPiC Network and is also a Team WAKO GB kickboxer. Nicknamed the 'Palestinian Power' this Jordanian powerhouse has a fountain of experience in fitness and trains extremely hard.

Gio Marchese

Head Coach of Ring Sports

Gio 'The Jackal' Marchese is the EPiC Network's head of ring sports. With previous experiences in all forms of stand-up fighting, Gio has claimed many coveted titles, including world champion, UK UCMMA champion and many international kickboxing titles.

Matt Roberts

Senior Coach

Matt 'Mattley Bear' Roberts is a Team WAKO GB fighter and the EPiC Network's self defence specialist. With experience in kickboxing, krav maga and eskrima (amongst other martial arts) Matt is regarded for his diverse fight experiences. Matt is also a personal trainer with EPiC.

Kam Doyle

Senior Coach

Kam 'The Jedi' Doyle is a 3x world champion and is one of the best fight talents that Team WAKO GB has ever produced. With an exteme athleticism and hardened mindset, Kam is a formidable opponent for anyone on the fighting tatami. Kam is a personal trainer with EPiC.

Kysia Penney

Senior Coach

Kysia Penney is a fitness coach with the EPiC Network an a qualified dance teacher. Kysia keeps herself in incredible shape and used to compete as a bikini model. With a solid approach to her training and in-depth knowledge on how to gain aesthetic results, she is trainign to be a personal trainer. Kysia also works at the EPiC Gym in Portishead.

Emma Thomas

Senior Coach

Emma is a coach with the EPiC Network and is also the head photographer and videographer for EPiC Online and often shoots for the whole network. Emma works at the EPiC Gym in Portishead and is also training to be a personal trainer.

Molly Hershaw

Senior Coach

Molly is a fierce kickboxing athlete, EPiC Network coach and is a Team WAKO GB fighter. She became a world champion in 2019 and is also very meticulous with her training. Molly is well known for her keen eye to detail and form when she is training, whether it is strength, cardio or power.