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Our Story

EPiC Online was born in 2020 as part of the EPiC network. The lockdown of 2020 presented not only individual nations with a problem when it came to working out, but the whole world. EPiC Online essentially is your ability to develop and improve in your training, all through an online platform!

The concept was developed between EPiC founder Andy Cleeves and EPiC Online head coach Pearce Cruse. Filming started in mid-2020 and the website was launched on October 1st 2020.

You can have fitness programmes, progression statistics and a whole video bank of high quality tutorial videos available from any device.

A Dedicated Team of coaches

EPiC Online is a diverse way for you to achieve your goals with the support of our dediated coaches. Our coaches have a wealth of experience and history of results for not only their clients but also for theirselves.

They are ready to help you reach the results you want with bespoke programmes and regular update meetings to keep you on track.

Why EPic online?

EPiC Online is the revolutionary way to train and gain better results regardless of your location, surroundings and ability to travel. You can train from home, a gym, outdoors or anywhere else.

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