6 Running tips for beginners

With running being a very common form of exercise given the pandemic, it is more important than ever to brush up on your running technique to maximise results and minimise injuries. This video goes through 6 areas that you might need to work on. So here are 6 running tips for beginners

Running Tip 1

Warm Up: 

A good warm up is key to any workout, this is no different to running. However a lot of people jog at a steady pace and slowly increase the pace of which they are running at and consider this as their warm up. There are two key aspects to a good warm up, the first is a pulse raiser and the second is a dynamic mobility routine. The approach of slowly increasing speed ticks the first box, however it doesn’t tick the second, the dynamic mobility routine. It is very important that after a small pulse raiser that you stop and complete an appropriate mobility routine to open up the joints and get them moving through every plane of motion. 

Running Tip 2


Wearing correct footwear is vital when it comes to running. Running trainers are specifically designed with more material in the heel. This is to cushion the impact of your strides as running puts a lot of impact through your legs. If you run in a shoe with a firmer base all of this force will be forced through your legs and joints which can lead to some quite serious joint pain. 

Running Tip 3


The concept of running may seem fairly straight forward, but there is a decent amount of technique that you should be considering. Going back to footwear, running shoes have a lot more material in the heel. What do you think that is for? Its because when running, your stride should land in front of your body, landing heel first and rolling onto the ball of your foot. A lot of people run by landing flat on their foot and subsequently putting a lot of unnecessary force through their joints.

Running Tip 4

Testing for tightness:

The next part of the video goes through a quick test to check whether your hip flexors or quads are tight. Adequate mobility in these areas are key for painless running but its also important not to stretch these areas too much and become hyper-mobile. Becoming overly flexible in these areas inhibits your muscles ability to provide strength to the joints and therefor can allow injuries to occur.

Running Tip 5

Lack of strength training:

A good amount of strength training will allow your body to grow strength in the supporting structures around your joints. The weights area can be daunting for people starting out on their fitness journey however there are some great ways to build comfort and confidence. Get a gym buddy. This will allow you and your training partner to help each other with form and also push each other further than you would on your own. This will also take your mind off of the other people in the gym. 

Running Tip 6


The last point is that if you are starting out then your body just won’t be conditioned to running and will need some time to adjust and get used to it. This also means that you shouldn’t go straight to running long distance as your body needs a few smaller runs to be able to adapt. 

We hope this post has given you those extra tips you needed to help improve your running. Share this post with a training partner that you think could also benefit from reading this. Just remember to train for longevity and give your body the time it needs to recover and grow, you will thank yourself in the long run (pun intended)

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